Brown wire for a classic Porsche wiring harness in a Porsche 911 or Porsche 912.

Brown Wire

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GXL Brown Wire. Sold by the foot.

This wire is used many times in the harness.

Brown is what Porsche used for their ground wires.  This is the most used color wire in the harness.  There are 4 main ground points on the main harness and it would be a little involved to go into details here.  Please email with specific questions. 

There are a total of 560 inches in the car with "wire to spare". 

Sold by the foot.

GXL Wire insulation: Cross-Linked Polyethylene

GXL Wire is recommended for use in harsh, high-temperature environments where high heat resistance is required as per SAE J-1128.

GXL Wire is frequently found in engine compartments, trucks, tractors, boats, buses, and general applications where high durability coupled with high heat resistance is a requirement.

Recommended temperature range for GXL: -40C to +125C