Green wire for a classic Porsche wiring harness in a Porsche 911 or Porsche 912.

Green Wire

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GXL Green wire. Sold by the foot.

This wire is used 2 times in the harness.

1. From the Fuel Tank Unit/Fuel Sending Unit #48 to the Small Combination Gauge #24

2.  The Mystery Green Wire.  Not really a mystery though.  The green wire has had much debate over the years...  Many people have said that it was an extra wire that Porsche added to the harness in anticipation of them coming out with the Sportomatic transmission.  I don't believe that.  I believe it is specifically a wire for the 912 models (not used on the 911) for the oil pressure control lamp.  The original pressure switch and temp switch were both near the distributor. The green/black is easy to figure out since it's on the wiring diagram but the green wire isn't on the diagram.  Also, for a 911, the oil pressure wire comes out of the harness near the starter since the oil pressure switch on the 911 is closest to the transmission.  When you pull an SWB wire harness out of a 912 you'll find this Green/Red wire wrapped around the harness and not used.  So how did they power the idiot light on the 912 for oil pressure?  I believe it was the green wire.  The confusion comes from the fact that the green wire is shown NOWHERE on the L-57 or L53 diagram.  I don't think Porsche planned for the sportomatic.  They just had an error (and there are a few other errors) on the diagrams.  If you have a 912 and your oil pressure light works then don't worry about the wire.  Someone probably extended the Green/Red wire to make it work.  If you have a 911 and your oil pressure gauge works just leave the green wire where it is.  But the previous is my opinion.  There are others who believe the Sportomatic explanation. 

There are a total of 353 inches in the car with "wire to spare". 

Sold by the foot.

GXL Wire insulation: Cross-Linked Polyethylene

GXL Wire is recommended for use in harsh, high-temperature environments where high heat resistance is required as per SAE J-1128.

GXL Wire is frequently found in engine compartments, trucks, tractors, boats, buses, and general applications where high durability coupled with high heat resistance is a requirement.

Recommended temperature range for GXL: -40C to +125C